We are the exclusive Australian distributor for STEIN, SOVOS and OCUN Arborist Equipment and we are also an ISC Arborist Equipment distributor .

Treequest was developed to make it easier for outdoor power equipment retailers to access premium arborist equipment to sell to their customers.

Our Point of Difference:

Premium Brands
Premium Products & Equipment
Competitive Pricing
Large Range of Products & Availability
Retailer Support

As the distributor for STEIN, ISC, OCUN & SOVOS Arborist Equipment in Australia, we want to make it easy for the arborist industry to be able to look, try and buy our equipment in stores within Australia.

It is our goal that you and our customers have better access and availability to our products and equipment. We are about supporting our local retailers and customers in Australia, and doing whatever it takes to unsure we have the products and equipment for our customer’s needs.

Our premium branded arborist equipment holds up under heavy constant use. The products that we offer are high quality, durable, reliable and serviceable. It is about getting the right professional arborist equipment in our customers’ hands.

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