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A-B Descender//J8

A-B Descender//J8

The A-B Descender is a "squeeze style" device, designed for use in Technical Rope Access, Intervention/Special Forces.

The A-B Descender is fitted with an extended, spring loaded, flip-down handle, which gives extra leverage, when a fine degree of descent control is required. The flip-down handle is of particular use for extra control of a rescue load.

Technical Information

Rope diameter range (mm)  10.5 - 11mm (0.4")
Panic brake  Yes
(SWL) Safe Working Load (kg)  See notes below
Serial numbering. As standard
EZYiD  Available on request
Cam material Stainless Steel
Body finish  Anodised

Approved Standards
EN 12841:2006-C, EN341:2011/2D

EN 12841:2006-C (Max. 150kg/330lb Rated Load, or 200kg/440lb Rescue Load)

EN341:2011/2D: Rated Load 40-120kg (88-264lb). Maximum Descent 200m (656ft) (x1 descent)

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