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ATOL 9.0mm Accessory Cord 5m//E5

ATOL 9.0mm Accessory Cord 5m//E5

STEIN ATOL Accessory Cord has a hard wearing 16 plait Polyester cover with a braided Polyester core. ATOL is ideal for use as a prusik and other friction hitches, offering easy knot tying and good grip due to its anti-kink construction.

ATOL 9mm accessory cord is manufactured to meet CE EN564 Mountaineering equipment - Accessory cord. The EN564 standard however only allows for full Certification of cord up to 8mm in diameter!

This accessory cord has an Average Break Load (ABL) 2250kg

Polyester accessory cords require rigorous inspection on a regular basis before, during, and after each climb.

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