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PELTOR X1P5 Ear Defenders HM - Orange 26dB//H7

PELTOR X1P5 Ear Defenders HM - Orange 26dB//H7

3M PELTOR X1 Ear Defenders HM – Orange (X1P5-OR)

The 3M X1 Ear Defenders HM – Orange (X1P5-OR) offer top-notch hearing protection without compromising on style or comfort. Created by 3M, a trusted name in personal protective equipment. These ear defenders provide exceptional performance in noisy environments while adding a touch of vibrant orange appeal.

Features and Benefits:

Designed to protect against moderate industrial noise
A good choice for power drilling and grounds maintenance
Modern, streamlined styling with low-profile ear cups
One pair of orange/black ear defenders for attachment to a safety helmet

The range of Peltor X Series Ear Defenders from 3M heralds a new standard of design, comfort, and protection. Built in conjunction with customers and with the wearer in mind. They combine lightweight comfort and modern styling with ground-breaking attenuation techniques. The result is a range of hearing protectors that meet the needs of a wide variety of applications, offering unparalleled attenuation in a streamlined design. 3M Peltor X1 Ear Defenders X1P5 offer standard attenuation (SNR 26dB) that protects the wearer’s hearing from light to moderate noise levels such as those generated by power drilling and grounds maintenance activities. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, even over long periods, with ear cups that are low profile but allow maximum space inside to help keep heat and moisture build-up to a minimum.

Equip yourself with the 3M PELTOR X1 Ear Defenders HM – Orange (X1P5-OR) and experience effective hearing protection in a sleek design. Whether you’re working in a noisy industrial environment, operating loud machinery, or engaging in recreational activities, these ear defenders have you covered. Prioritize your hearing health while enjoying style, comfort, and uncompromised performance with this outstanding protective gear from 3M.

Peltor is a trademark of 3M Company.

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