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The Rocker is a mid-line attachable device, which can be used hands-free as a self-tailing device when travelling up or down the rope. The Rocker is also fitted with a 'thumbcatch' which can be engaged in order to 'park' the device on the rope. Whilst in parked mode, the user can still move the device up and down on the rope, but in parked mode, the device will not slide down the rope without intervention from the user.

The Rocker is designed for use WITHOUT (and should be used without) a textile shock absorber.

IMPORTANT- Lanyard specification, harness attachment methods, maxium user weight ratings...etc., vary depending on the intended use of the the device (EN353-2:2002; EN358:2018; or EN12841:2006-A). ALWAYS read the User Instruction Manual prior to use.

Technical Information

Compatible with rope diameter (mm)  10.5-11 EN1891 Type A
(SWL) Safe Working Load (kg)Varies depending on intended use/EN standard. Please see User Instruction Manual for further information.

Serial numbering  As standard
Cam material  Aluminium
Finish  Anodised

Approved Standards
CE EN353-2:2002; EN358:2018; EN12841:2006-A
UKCA 0120

IMPORTANT: The lanyard length, harness connection and general instructions for use, vary depending on intended use/EN standard. It is essential for the user to read the User Instruction Manual for further information, in order to identify the correct equipment and procedures for correct use of the device.

Serial Numbering: As standard

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