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Saturn Series Rigging Ring Large//II2

Saturn Series Rigging Ring Large//II2

SATURN Series Rigging Rings are CNC Machined from solid Aluminium, with smooth radiused rope surfaces. The rings have a Hard-Anodised coating for durability and a polished, low-friction finish.

ISC SATURN Rings are available in three sizes and can be used in a variety of rigging configurations. SATURN Rings can also be spliced in to anchor slings by the supplier/user and used to create single/multiple redirects, to tailor the friction in a rigging system. Rigging rings are versatile, low maintenance and easy to inspect.

Overall Diameter 138mm (5.4")

Inner Diameter 52mm (2")

Groove Radius (rope path) 44mm (1.73")

WLL 60kN (13488lbf)

Serial numbering  As standard
Finish Hard  anodised
Weight (grams)  1073
Weight (ounces) 37.8

Approved Standards
CE 2006/42/EC

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