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The STEIN SKY-Anchor manufactured in the UK has been tested and Certified to both CE & UKCA standards. Fully certified to EN 795B:2012 ensuring all components of the SKY-Anchor are perfectly compatible with one another.

Available to purchase as a standalone Friction Saver or as an Adjustable Friction Saver.

The Adjustable version is supplied with the STEIN RingLoop (SS-3710123R40) which is also independently tested to EN 795B:2012 as a stand alone product. When attached to the SKY-Anchor using a Three Wrap Prusik this transforms the Standard SKY-Anchor into a fully length adjustable version.

Both the standard and adjustable SKY-Anchor are fully retrievable from the ground.

150cm version ideal for use on limbs 30cm diameter
200cm version ideal for use on limbs 45cm diameter
250cm version ideal for use on limbs 60cm diameter

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