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STEIN Skywalker PRO Hitch Pulley//D5

STEIN Skywalker PRO Hitch Pulley//D5

SKYWALKER PRO is the next generation of Hitch Tending Pulleys. This pulley has all the benefits of a Twin Eye and Triple Eye pulley combined in one.

This versatile pulley can be used as a standard pulley configuration giving guided controlled of your hitch without adding any complication to your system. The elongated hole allows for double karabiner attachment and allows single karabiners to self-align.

Rope friendly and textile friendly edges allowing direct attachment minimising bulk and increases versatility. Efficiency is gained through the specially designed internal bushing which is pre-lubricated giving increased performance and efficiency in use.


CE Certified to EN12278:2007
For use with ropes <13mm
Elongated attachment points allowing for triple attachment of karabiners
Treated Aluminium side plates providing strength and durability
Stainless steel axle for high strength and corrosion resistance
Pre-lubricated bushing for increased performance and efficiency
Anodised finish
Individually Serial Numbered for traceability

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