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Ultrasafe Right Hand Ascender with Safety Pin//L4

Ultrasafe Right Hand Ascender with Safety Pin//L4

ISC Hand Ascenders are sleek & ergonomic by design. They are machined from high-strength Aluminium extrusion and are suitable for heavy-duty use.

All ISC Hand Ascenders have both primary and secondary attachment holes, are fitted with stainless steel cams and come with moulded, comfort-grip handles.

The RP230 Ultrasafe Hand Ascender is fitted with a pin to limit the range movement of the cam in order to prevent the rope from being accidentally pulled out between the cam and the body. ISC Professional and Ultrasafe Hand Ascenders have moulded comfort-grip handles.

Technical Information

Rope diameter range (mm)  9 - 13
Captive pin  Fitted
Serial numbering  As standard
Cam material  Stainless Steel
Body finish  Anodised

Approved Standards
NFPA compliant

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