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Winch kit to fit RCW3001//DD6

Winch kit to fit RCW3001//DD6

STEIN Winch kit to fit RCW3001

The RCWINCH is a rugged constructed brake winch designed to work in conjunction with the RCW-3001 bollard. The RCWINCH can be easily attached and detached to the RCW-3001 during use without affecting the working line or the products performance.

The automatic load-actuated brake ensures the load remains suspended if the crank handle is released and avoids an unchecked descent of the load; the load however should always be backed up on the bollard during any lifting operation. This system has a maximum rated capacity of 681kg operating on a 5.4:1 gear ratio.

The RCWINCH is supplied with a custom made 5m Winch Line.

This product will only fit the RCW-3001 and cannot be fitted to its predecessor the RC3001.

High quality rugged compact braked winch
Gears and brakes fully covered to prevent dust, dirt and rain contamination
Finished in high quality zinc coating offering excellent corrosion protection
Automatic load-actuated brake can hold the load in position
Heat treated gears
Very low operator effort required for easy operation
Only for static load lifting
Always read the User Manual before use
Made in the USA

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